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Let’s Get Intuit(ive) is a show by and for emerging intuitives.

A sister production to Brave Bear University, Let’s Get Intuit(ive) takes us on a transformational adventure as this soulful and comical duo helps us explore our inner wisdom, make meaningful connections, and navigate the roller coaster life and work led by emerging intuitives.

Berni Xiong is the founder, executive producer and host of Let’s Get Intuit(ive). She is a truth guide, intuitive coach, creative strategist, and proud mom. When she’s not “getting intuit(ive),” Berni loves sharing some of her best stuff for free in the Brave Bear Insider.

The Message

Berni goes on a psychic riverboat cruise and reports back to us the message she received from two different readers. If you're the go-to person in any of your close relationships, this vital message is especially for you.

The Message
The Beginning